Zemoase De Prahova

Juicy of Prahova” – big and juicy with the good taste of the traditional tomatoes. Can grow up to 450-750 grams, they are juicy and sweet, meaty. Productive with indeterminate growth.

Package with 15 seeds from tomatoes grown naturally.
Production year 2016 – limited stock.

* The minimum order for tomato seeds is €5.5

9,00 lei 8,00 lei

1. Keep the seeds packaged in a place away from sunlight and moisture.
2. Before planting, put the seeds in warm water for about 12 hours.
3. Use a neutral substrate for planting.
4. Plant seeds at 1-1.5 cm deep and cover them with the substrate.
5. Keep them well watered, at 22-24 ˚C.
6. Germination period is of 7-14 days.

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