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  • Cărnoase de Suceava

    “Meaty of Suceava” – Suceava county traditional tomatoes, large, flattened, fleshy and “healthy”. Juicy with good taste, meaty, can reach up...

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  • Gorgova – Deltă

    Tomato variety that we’ve discovered in Gorgova village, in the heart of the Danube Delta. Grown for generations by a local family. Beautiful, big, strong and juicy wit...

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  • Maria Amaziliței

    Maria Amaziliţei, tomato variety originating in Romania, has been “adopted” first in Canada.
    Where a gardener from Ontario received the seeds, after an exchang...

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  • Ovi’s Romanian Giant

    Ovidiu Rominger’s Romanian giant tomato.
    Ovidiu (Ovi) is a horticultural engineer, who gave this variety to his friends in UK – variety that now bears his name....

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  • Roze de Românești

    “Rose of Românești”. Very good taste – delicious and sweet, meaty, traditional tomato. Cultivated for generations in the village of “Românești”, Satu Ma...

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  • Sale

    Zemoase De Prahova

    Juicy of Prahova” – big and juicy with the good taste of the traditional tomatoes. Can grow up to 450-750 grams, they are juicy and sweet, meaty. Productive wi...

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  • Inimă Roșie

    “Red Heart” – Traditional tomato variety, that we have from a passionate collector of Buzău county.
    The fruits with heart shaped spectacular and meaty. G...

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  • Zdravene de Bacău

    “Mighty of Bacău”. Variety from Bacău county that we discovered in the garden of our friend’s grandparents. Big, mighty tomatoes, can reach up to one kg or more. ...

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  • Cluj Yellow Cherry

    The fruits are very sweet and juicy, their juice remains on your fingers when you collect them. A variety native of Romania, Cluj county, widely praised for its taste. Br...

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