In search of the Lost Taste

We are passionate about tomatoes.
Over many years we have collected traditional Romanian and heirloom / international “true” tomato varieties, without hybrids or genetically modified plants, in search of the lost taste (“Roșii” in Romanian means “Reds”, the popular name for the tomatoes here).

Tomatoes are grown 100 % naturally without chemicals or insecticides of any kind. They get like “feed” only manure, comfrey tea and nettle.

foto despre noi

All seeds are from the 2016 production.

Seeds were collected manually, fermented in their own juice, then washed and drained thoroughly. Seeds are stored in airtight containers until they are transferred in sealed envelopes for delivery. The number of seeds is limited, we don’t have a mass production – we want to offer as many tomato lovers the opportunity to try the varieties that we have selected over the years.

seminte rosii

The “Roșii de Roșii” tomato seed catalog 2016 contains 121 varieties. You can view it online by clicking HERE.

For 2017 we’ve already prepared some surprises – other special varieties, which we can not wait to taste.

Happy Gardening!